Isidore is a watch brand borne from the idea that overcoming adversity is a question of will not of luck. Victory comes more often from dedication rather than providence.

The brand is about the middle road between aspiration and triumph. The challenging path that leads you from here to there.

Much like the crucial road that is hidden from the mere observer, the brand wishes to embody the understated yet essential. In its subtle nuances from classic designs, Isidore pursues a low-key sensibility – a characteristic we believe essential to getting the job done.

The Collection

Redemption Series

Myrmidon Series

Continuum Series

Diplomat Series


Def: To gain, retrieve, win something back.
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Originated from the Greek Myrmidones, the followers of Achilles during the Trojan War.
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Def: A coherent whole characterized as a sequence, or progression of values. Something that keeps on going, changing slowly over time.
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Def: A person who is tactful and skillful in managing delicate situations.
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